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Making the Humber region

a safer place to live and work

Covid-19 Update As part of our ongoing commitment to the service industry we are pleased to confirm that we have been able to remain open whilst ensuring the highest standards of care have implemented to protect all our delegates, staff and visitors, regards the spread of Covid 19. Our training venues and courses have all been risk assessed to ensure compliance with guidance and additional measures have been implemented. Please check out our dedicated Covid-19 web section - www.hfrsolutions.co.uk/news/covid-19 You can contact us on 01482 398521 or at [email protected]

Covid-19 Update    

Making the Humber region

a safer place to live and work

All training course delivery at both our Hessle and Humberside Airport sites or alternatively at your site is available - we have put all the necessary Covid-19 measures in place to ensure that these can be delivered safely | Please contact [email protected] or 01482 398521 to discuss further


Making the Humber region

a safer place to live and work

We are here to help or provide advice on your emergency plans, emergency management and business continuity plans in-light of the pandemic and Covid-19 situation. Please contact us on 01482 398521 to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Supporting your business    

Making the Humber region

a safer place to live and work

Our team of highly skilled specialists deliver a range of consultancy, training, emergency response and standby rescue solutions, placing the safety of you and your workforce at the core of all our operations. We undertake project work on a national and international scale.

Deploying standby rescue teams for confined space, advanced first aid, fire safety and work at height    

We help organisations improve safety by planning, preparing and responding to incidents and emergencies.

Eliminate or reduce the likelihood or impact of an incident

Effective prevention (mitigation) allows organisations to take actions to eliminate or reduce the likelihood or effects of an incident that may cause harm to people, property or the environment.

Pro-active preventative measures help to mitigate the risk of an incident occurring or minimise the potential outcome and provide the tools an organisation requires to ensure a safer workforce/workplace. Prevention activities take place both before and after emergencies.

Prevention phase

Eliminate Risk

Reduce harm to people and property

Tools for safer workforce and workplace

Continuous process of planning

Preparedness (preparation) for emergencies is the continuous process of planning (gathering and documenting information) along with the provision of training and equipment, and then testing, exercising, evaluating and taking any necessary corrective actions.

Preparation and testing of site response plans plays a vital role in ensuring that an organisation has suitable resources available to implement the emergency response procedures. Training and exercising are the cornerstone of preparedness and focus on readiness to respond to all hazards, incidents and emergencies. Preparedness activities take place before an emergency occurs.

Preparedness phase

Plan and identify hazards and risks

Review and test emergency response and rescue plans

Provide complete on-site emergency provision

Safe and proportionate response to an event or emergency

The response phase is a safe and proportionate response to a catastrophic event or emergency and includes actions to save lives and prevent further damage by putting the plans developed in the preparedness phase into operation.

The response is comprised of the co-ordination and management of resources (including personnel, equipment and resources) utilising the incident command system in a risk-based approach and teams should hold the competencies and relevant accredited training to deliver the level of response required to effectively minimise the impact of the event. Response activities take place during an emergency.

Response phase

Allocate resources

Contain and control

Minimise impact

Restore business continuity in the minimum possible time

The recovery phase consists of those activities that continue beyond the emergency period to recover critical functions and stabilise the affected area in order to restore business continuity in the minimum possible time, this phase should begin as soon as the threat to human life has subsided.

Effective preparedness and response procedures will minimise the required recovery period and will co-ordinate the reconstruction of physical infrastructure and the restoration of emotional, economic, social and physical wellbeing. The recovery stage also allows organisations to investigate and identify the root causes of the incident and develop any learning outcomes. Recovery activities take place after an emergency.

Recovery phase

What happened?

Why did it happen?

Learning and actions

Supporting your organisation throughout all these key elements

Our Background

Established 2012

Established in 2012, by the fire and rescue service, ISO-accredited Community Interest Company HFR Solutions delivers skills, knowledge and expertise to the commercial sector.

We are a team of dedicated individuals who place the safety of you and your workforce at the core of all our operations, using our highly skilled emergency response specialists to ensure the best outcome for your organisation.

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The delivery of these services allows us to invest our profits, resources and time into initiatives that support our vision of making the Humber region a safer place to live and work.


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