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Our consultancy includes emergency response, safety training and equipment solutions.

Emergency Planning


Our team can assist your organisation with a medical needs assessment which will identify your needs in relation to the following:

  • Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Legal Requirements

  • First Aid Training

  • Medical Risk Assessment

  • Equipment Needs

For more information and to discuss your needs please get in contact


We can supply a range of high-quality equipment for:

  • Fire Safety 

  • Medical and First Aid

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

  • Rescue Equipment


Your workers will have confidence that they are utilising high-quality products suitable for the tasks they undertake.


If we can help your organisation with any aspect of your equipment selection and purchase requirements, please get in contact



It is important that your rescue plan is suitable, sufficient, and effective so those that need to be rescued can be quickly and safely recovered without putting anybody else at risk.

Our Emergency Rescue Team will examine your rescue plans and assess whether the level of risk changes as a project develops. This will test if your organisation holds the competency levels to execute all phases of the rescue plan.

Download an example of one of our Rescue Plans


Our teams can identify and evaluate any potential risks in your workplace and will provide a bespoke risk assessment; all of which appropriate recommendations to mitigate risks. This will include:

  • Fire Risk Assessments

  • Confined Space Risk Assessments

  • Working at Height Risk Assessments

Our case studies demonstrate our team working safely using a Confined Space Risk Assessment.


Making your organisation safer isn't just about the preservation of life and protecting your business assets, it also covers the moral obligations and responsibilities to your employees and the local community, which will help to maintain a good perception of your brand.

Nick Granger,
Managing Director HFR Solutions


Take action to eliminate and reduce the impact of an incident.


Take steps to reduce the likeliness of an incident.


Contain, control and minimise the impact of an incident or emergency.

We will provide the solution

Contact us to discuss your emergency plans, standby rescue provision, rescue plans, workplace safety or training needs.

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