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Why is the Humber region a key player in the renewables industry?

The Humber region has become a vital hub for the renewables industry, playing a significant role in the UK's transition to clean energy. With its strategic location boasting access to North Sea offshore wind farms, the region has seen a surge in investments in wind power projects. Explore the vital role of the Humber region and the renewables industry. Discover how training providers like HFR Solutions are shaping the future.

offshore wind turbines in the sea with blue sky and water
Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm

Companies such as Siemens Gamesa and Ørsted have established offshore wind operations and manufacturing facilities in the area, creating a network of supply chain opportunities that have boosted economic growth and provided employment opportunities for the local workforce. The Siemens turbine factory in Hull currently employs over 750 people.

Moreover, the Humber has been proactive in supporting renewable energy initiatives through investments in research and innovation. The region has seen collaborations between universities, research institutions, and industry partners to develop cutting-edge technologies for clean energy production. This focus on innovation has not only fostered job creation but also positioned the region as a leader in the renewable energy sector, attracting further investment and driving sustainable development.


Furthermore, the Humber region's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility aligns with the goals of the renewables industry. Local authorities have set ambitious targets for carbon reduction and renewable energy generation, driving the transition towards a greener economy. By fostering a supportive environment for renewable energy projects and driving policy measures to encourage clean energy adoption, Yorkshire & The Humber continues to strengthen its relationship with the renewables industry, paving the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future for the region.

HFR Solutions are honoured to play an active role in the transition towards a greener economy, by continuing to up-skill and recertify those training for their GWO certifications. We are working with RWE to train and produce the next generation of Wind Turbine Technicians as part of RWE’s accredited apprenticeship scheme. Our team are committed to making the Humber region a safer place to live and work.


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