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Providing Clinical Governance and Rescue Training for Ecotricity

HFR Solutions have been the approved safety training provider for Ecotricity since 2015 and have built up a trusted working relationship which has assisted developing the medical intervention capability of the Ecotricity team, resulting in the delivery of Enhanced First Aid including clinical governance and tele-medicine. Ecotricity have gone on a journey from having only GWO Basic First Aid to a position where their technicians can now administer pain relief and life saving treatment in the field.

Ecotricity personnel completing advanced rescue training, 2019

Solutions Delivered

  • Enhanced First Aid Training

  • First Aid Consultancy

  • First Aid Needs Assessment

  • Emergency Planning and Onsite Rescue Exercises

  • Trauma Bag/Enhanced First Aid Equipment

  • Clinical Governance and Tele-Medicine

  • Advanced Rescue Training


The industry demands a minimum standard of first aid and for the renewable industry, this has been the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) basic first aid training standard. In order to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, businesses need to conduct a first aid needs assessment to look at the business' risks and hazards and how we can intervene with the right level of first aid training and equipment.

Ecotricity identified that their basic GWO First Aid training and their current first aid equipment was not adequate to meet this compliance. HFR Solutions worked with the Ecotricity team initially to enhance their first aid equipment and conduct some upskilling of their technicians to use the new equipment with a longer term aim to carry our Tier 5 Medical training with clinical governance and tele-medicine supporting the business.

multiple delegates on a medical course stood round a mannequin on a table

Ecotricity personnel completing medical training, 2021

Clinical Governance

Our Tier 5 Medical course is one of the most advanced and up to date trauma courses currently available to non-clinicians working in remote environments in the UK. It was designed in conjunction with pre-hospital care experts, remote rescue specialists and those working in the renewable wind energy sector. The aim is to enhance first aid skills to allow individuals to identify and treat life threatening injuries. This is provided by a faculty of medical experts who will oversee the medical training standards, prescription of medicines and ongoing quality assurance. This includes periodic, planned onsite audits and maintenance of competency reviews. Tele-medicine is a 24/7 365 telephone support to a critical care paramedic to assist in dealing with any medical emergency.


  • Highly skilled workforce to deal with medical emergencies. The Ecotricity technicians have now completed a robust trauma-focused training program to deal with incidents in their unique environment.

  • Improved first aid and trauma equipment including items such as pain relief. This specialist equipment has all been assessed and approved by medical experts.

  • Genuine capabilities to assess, treat, package and rescue casualties from a remote environment

  • This partnership has allowed community defibrillators to be installed. The first of these being Grimoldby Cricket Club in Louth, another being Malet Vikings Football Club in Hull.

four men stood holding an AED community defibrillator after working in partnership

Louth Cricket Club Public Access Defibrillator Presentation, 2021


Ecotricity recognised that they needed to do more to protect the workforce in their remote, onshore wind farms, but required specialist assistance to understand what was required to achieve this. By working with HFR Solutions they were able to review their first aid needs assessment, implement our Tier 5 training standard combined with GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFA) and achieve clinical governance.


Our Operational Director Shaun Lyons commented, “The partnership with Ecotricity has gone from strength to strength. Working with class-leading onshore renewable operators has seen mutual benefits to both organisations. It's fantastic to see the teams enhance their first aid skills to have a genuine capability to deal with medical emergencies out in the field and shows strong leadership, demonstrating their moral duty of care but also robustly dealing with legislative compliance.”


ROAMER Training

We are beginning to rollout our new advanced medical standard, ROAMER. The Remote Operational Advanced Medical Emergency Response (ROAMER) course is one of the most progressive and up to date trauma courses currently available to professionals working in remote environments in the UK. The ROAMER course has been created by the minds behind URIECA.

This course is available with a complete clinical governance package providing confidence that their teams are being trained to the very latest standard. This governance also provides access to the medications featured throughout the course.


We will provide the solution to your problems! Get in touch to discuss how we are able to help your organisation with workplace safety and emergency response, and join the mailing list to stay up to with our recent projects.

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