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ROAMER - Tier 5 First Aid

Next Available Course: Upon Request

Duration: 3 Days

Price per closed course (max 8): £3275 +VAT

This course can be dual certified with the GWO Enhanced First Aid qualification.


The Remote Operational Advanced Medical Emergency Response (ROAMER) course is amongst the most advanced three day medical courses offered to non-healthcare professionals on the market today. The course leaves delegates confident to deliver high quality care in cases of both serious illness and traumatic injury including the use of airway management devices, pain relief, medications and trauma management. If there is a potential for traumatic injury on your site then it is vital that appropriate care is delivered in a timely fashion, this course will ensure your response personnel can deliver that care. Each ROAMER course is bespoke to your industry be that emergency services, maritime, energy or heavy industry.

Course Benefits

  • This course is available with a complete clinical governance package providing confidence that their teams are being trained to the very latest standard. This governance also provides access to the medications featured throughout the course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased skills and capabilities of an advanced first responder. 

  • Competencies help to reduce preventable pre-hospital deaths.

  • Learn specialist skills - packaging and evacuation, suspension, crush injuries, catastrophic bleeding and clinical governance.


  • Resuscitation and AED

  • Airway Managment including the use of suction and supraglottic airways

  • Oxygen Therapy

  • Medical emergencies including recognition and intervention

  • Extremes of Body Temperature

  • Scene Safety and Initial Assessment

  • Wounds and bleeding including catastrophic

  • Trauma Managment

  • Burns

  • Pain Relief including Entonox and Penthrox

  • Medicines including Epi-pens, aspirin, glucose and more dependent upon industry.

The Tier 5 course is supported by a unique and bespoke advanced first responder kit bag which contains advanced equipment to support the role of a first responder to deliver advanced trauma, immediate emergency care and definitive pre-hospital care.

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If you wish to send a booking enquiry or learn more about the ROAMER - Tier 5 First Aid Course, please contact us today on

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