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ERT Process

ERT Process

Trusted standby rescue process

If you have identified specified risks within your business or at your sites, you will need to determine the following;

HFR Solutions Standby rescue teams - helping to manage site risks such as confined spaces, fire, advanced first aid, hazmat and environmental and work at height

First phase response - Are the competency levels sufficient to conduct a safe and successful rescue?

Does this provision require your staff to receive further training & specialist equipment

The first phase rescue should always be initiated by those undertaking the task / internal on-site team members. However, you need to consider

  • If your current competency levels meet the standards required to conduct a safe rescue?
  • Whether the correct equipment and PPE is available and is maintained.

These key factors will identify if your processes and resources are suitable and sufficient to carry out the first phase of a rescue. 

Risk Profile

What is the existing skill level of your workforce?

  • Is it suitable and sufficient?

HFR Solutions Standby Response Teams Hierarch of response process

HFR Solutions collaborative approach to standby rescue team deployment

Does your organisation need an ERT team and standby response

HFR Solutions CIC emergency response specialists will employ a collaborative approach with all standby team members at all phases of the rescue.

In addition, they will;

  • Understand the needs of the rescue plan
  • Employ the right number of people to carry out the rescue plan
  • Understand the tasks and scope of work that sits outside the rescue