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Working at Height

Maintenance of Skills

Skills fade - make sure your at height workers retain competencies

Skills fade is potentially a massive issue for employees working at height on a regular basis. The working at height avoid, prevent and mitigate safety model highlights the inherent risks associated with working at height tasks. Industry statistics state that for the period 2018-2019, 40* fatal accidents resulted from work undertaken at height.

Implementing a work at height maintenance of skills programme

The benefits of implementing a work at height maintenance of skills programme include:

  • A documented process for all working at height training
  • Audit trial created
  • Helping to prevent skills fade
  • Keeps your employee’s skills current
  • Regulation and legislation updates
  • Training and refresher needs will be identified

Maintain work at height competencies

Important knowledge such as equipment familiarisation, hands-on use of specific rescue equipment and work at height regulations and legislation are knowledge and skills which can be easily forgotten. Regular refresher training and maintain skills checks can hold the key to reinforce and retain specialist insight over a period of time.

By selecting HFR Solutions as your working at height partner, we will help you to maintain competency levels and implement safe systems of working. A mixture of theory-based, practical training and rescue simulations help to provide realism into the training solutions we deliver.

*P2, HSE, Workplace fatal injuries in Great Britain 2018, http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/pdf/fatalinjuries.pdf