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Medical and First Aid

In Practice

We hold vast experence in implementing first aid provision and medical proceduresHelping your business to implement first aid standards and response

Our extensive knowledge in the development, review and implementation of first aid standards is evidenced by a recent client example, operating in the industrial and logistics sector.

Review existing first aid procedures and equipment provision

Recently, we were asked to review the existing on-site medical and first aid procedures and equipment provision for a port logistics operator, due to the level of on-site incidents and casualties which had occurred.

We devised a bespoke first aid standard for this particular organisation, taking into consideration;

  • Site-specific information
  • The level and types of risk
  • Review of recent incidents
  • The level of first aid and medical response required to effectively deal with those incidents
  • Perceived foreseeable risks and credible scenarios

Our partner’s situational analysis;

  • A high-risk environment demonstrated by recent incidents
  • Existing positive health and safety culture
  • Many incidents involved major trauma or serious medical components
  • Incident response times needed to reduce

First aid solutions focused around advanced training, equipment provision and site-based response

Major trauma incidents

During this process, we were able to quickly identify the common theme of multiple major trauma incidents, which could not be effectively handled by their current capabilities and equipment.

The review process highlighted a number of challenges including;

  • Response times needed to be improved
  • The level of existing equipment provision was inadequate for the level of on-site risk and the nature of incidents occurring
  • Employee skills gap
  • Fixed position of existing defibrillators and the need for a mobile provision

As part of improving medical standards for our partners, we provide thorough debrief and post-incident reviews.

Bespoke training programmes

After robustly assessing their provision and detailing an appropriate and effective strategy, we sourced first aid equipment which was specifically tailored to their environment and developed a bespoke training programme for all of their on-site first responders. This instilled recognised competency levels, confidence and levels of response at an incident. 

Communications and mobilisation strategy – for safe, timely response delivery

A communications and mobilisation strategy was then implemented and tested for alerting responders to incidents, to ensure that by following a structured team response, personnel and equipment arrive at the injured person not only promptly and safely, but also equipped to manage the incident effectively.

Post-incident debriefs

The final phase of this project evolved around implementing a post-incident briefing system accounting for the psychological needs of not only the injured person and the rescuer, but also anyone else that becomes involved, even if they didn’t witness the incident directly.

Project outcome - continuous improvement and reduced response times

Having been tasked with writing, developing and implementing first aid standards, it resulted in our client holding regular structured reviews of incidents, and processes as well as refresher training to ensure that their first aid standards and procedures are not only maintained but continually improved.

Credible outcomes achieved included;

  • The development of a team approach with individuals understanding their roles at an incident
  • Our partner’s rescue team members are better prepared for handling medical incidents
  • Improved incident response times (not exceeding five minutes)
  • Appropriate equipment such as user-friendly defibrillators are now located in mobile units
  • Suitable stretchers were implemented which fit on to their vessels

Increased competency and skills – preventing skills fade

It has also resulted in HFR Solutions CIC providing several of the partner’s response team with the skills and experience to be workplace medical trainers. This allows our partner to deliver regular maintenance of skills training sessions, which is essential to keep responders’ skill sets continually refreshed and maintained. 

For our partner, who operates in a high-risk environment, a significant improvement in their response times and the introduction of user-friendly and appropriate equipment has helped their operation implement safer systems of work.