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Confined Space

Training & Equipment

Make sure your teams receive suitable confined space training & are trained to use the right equipment

When selecting the correct level of training and equipment required for your business, these must be evaluated against the assessed level of site risk.

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Confined space training and equipment needs | Contact your confined space specialists HFR Solutions to discuss your needs in greater detail

Considerations for confined space training should be:

  • What level of training is required for personnel involved with confined space activities? (this will be dictated by the Risk Assessment and categorisation of the confined space)
  • Has a training needs assessment been undertaken?
  • Who is carrying out the tasks e.g. in-house staff, specialist contractors?
  • What are their current certification levels or competency to work in the confined space, and have they been verified?
  • Selection of appropriate equipment for a safe system of work and rescue provisions & equipment familiarisation training

HFR Solutions confined space training solutions

With bespoke services available, HFR Solutions can tailor a comprehensive range of consultancy and confined space training packages to meet your business needs, these include; 

Collectively, these solutions will contribute towards your organisation having a safe, competent and legally compliant workforce.

Based upon your risk - make sure your teams receive high standards of confined space training and the right equipment provision