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Confined Space

Confined Space Rescue Plans

Confined space rescue plan

Your Confined Space rescue plans form an essential part of your overall emergency response procedures and its details need to be just as specific as the planning of the work to be undertaken in the first place.

All rescue plans should be documented

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HFR Solutions have tested and documented rescue plans for ABP, PD Ports, Siemen's and Howden's Joinery to name afew

Are your confined space rescue plans suitable and sufficient?

It is important that the rescue plan is suitable, sufficient and effective so those that need to be rescued can be quickly and safely recovered without putting anybody else at risk. Unfortunately, we find that this is not always the case. 

Confined Space Rescue

When planning the process for undertaking rescues from confined spaces it might be useful to ask yourself the following questions:

How will you know if someone is in need of rescue?

How quickly can you get to them?

How quickly can you get them to a safe place?

What equipment and training do you need to make all this actually happen?

Always test your rescue plans to see if they are workableConfined space rescue equipment and systems

There are many different types of rescue systems, but ultimately you need to be confident that the confined space rescue equipment supplied is appropriate and effective for how you intend to use it, some systems even allow for self-rescue provided the person is still conscious.

Confined space risk assessment

You will need to ensure that your risk assessment considers what level of confined space rescue is required.