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Comprehensive solutions to support a safety first culture

We assist businesses from various industries of differing sizes, review their existing plans, procedures and control measures, helping to identify gaps in their processes as well as implement a safe system of work to ensure these procedures are robust and workable.   

With our roots firmly embedded within the Fire and Rescue Service, our unrivalled knowledge and insight in the area of emergency planning and response helps support various high-risk environments and organisations improve their emergency response.

A comprehensive planning, preparation and response solution for your business

Our comprehensive service proposition include a range of consultancy, emergency response, training solutions and equipment provision covers the following areas;

This complete end-to-end value-added solution entails a tailored risk assessment, from which HFR Solutions will make recommendations for mitigating all identified risks.

Reliance on local authority emergency services

All risks and hazards must be identified, with plans and controls put in place, because you can no longer rely on local authority emergency services.

We hold the competency and experience to assist your organisation

You may already have a team or individuals responsible for health and safety, incident management and first on-scene medical response. However, it is highly likely you will require external support to ensure your existing emergency response procedures and plans are robust, reflect the risk profile of your business and are tested regularly. It’s also advisable to have the competency of your incident and emergency response team members assessed externally.

With a level of knowledge, expertise and experience equivalent to the emergency services, HFR Solutions has the capabilities to understand the unique challenges faced by your organisation, its environment and deliver a tailored emergency response, consultancy and safety training solution.