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Sea Survival Refresher

Date of Next Course: Upon Request

Duration: 1 Day

Validation: 2 Years

Awarding Body: GWO

Price per delegate: £363 +VAT

Location: HOTA, Hull


The GWO Sea Survival Refresher course is required for all personnel transferring to or from an offshore wind energy installation. This course helps individuals maintain the basic skills and competence required to complete this transfer safely. Using a blend of theory and practical scenarios, this refresher course will be delivered by following GWO trade association sea survival and marine training standards. This intensive one day refresher course helps to refresh delegates with the core skills and competencies to meet the GWO Sea Survival standards.

GWO Training Qualifications

HFR Solutions are able to deliver bespoke safety training modules accredited by leading industry body GWO (Global Wind Organisation). We can deliver the GWO Sea Survival training module as well as the four key GWO training facets including the following modules:

Learning Outcomes

  • Skills refresh - refresh marine survival skills to meet the GWO sea survival standards

  • Improving the safety of your employees who undertake work at offshore locations

  • Improved knowledge and increased competence – greater insight and ability to implement best practice

  • Correct techniques - use best practice marine survival techniques

  • Knowledge - a greater understanding of marine rescue techniques

  • Safer workplaces - safer employees and reduced chance of personal injury

  • Increased competence - greater insight and ability to implement best practice

  • Upskilled employees and contractors - Improved knowledge and confidence covering basic fire safety, safe lifting, working at height practices, basic lifesaving and sea survival techniques within a wind turbine and offshore locations 

  • Better prepared for handling potential marine-related incidents encountered at an offshore location and wind turbine

  • Ability to apply best practice procedures for implementing fire prevention, manual handling, working at height, first aid and marine survival best practice techniques


  • Knowledge of the dangers and symptoms related to drowning and hypothermia

  • Demonstrate safe transfer from the vessel to dock, vessel to foundation & vessel to vessel

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the emergency & safety procedures on installations, vessels and wind turbine

  • Demonstrate recovery and first aid treatment of a "man overboard"

  • Demonstrate individual and collective survival techniques at sea

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If you wish to send a booking enquiry or learn more about the Sea Survival Refresher Course, please contact us today on 01482 398521 or

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