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HFR Solutions teams up with INEOS for GO Run For Fun event

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

In the spirit of supporting our community, we recently had the opportunity to provide our services to INEOS to support The Daily Mile's GO Run For Fun event.

children running in a charity fundraising event


The Daily Mile GO Run For Fun is an international campaign, set up to inspire children to be more active through fun short-distance running events. Since starting in 2013, GO Run For Fun has seen over 353,510 participants over 459 events worldwide.

There are numerous benefits of school children becoming more active. Regular physical activity can improve children's overall health and well-being and has been shown to improve cognitive function and attention span. Furthermore, being active can help children build social skills, teamwork abilities, and self-confidence. Engaging in physical activity can help children develop a lifelong habit of exercising and promote healthy habits throughout their lives.

Our medical responders were delighted to assist the local community and thrilled to see so many children involved in such a great event. We believe in the importance of supporting those around us, and we were more than happy to extend a helping hand when it was needed. Our commitment to making a positive impact in our community remains at the core of our values. We are constantly working towards making the Humber region a safer place to live and work.

children getting ready to start a charity fundraising running event in Hull


We plan to continue giving back to the community, whether this be by providing training, volunteering, or funding community projects. We are proud to be able to work collaboratively with our customers; ensuring our profits are invested in projects and initiatives that make a difference to the community.


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