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Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces

Next Available Course: 28th May - 29th May 2024 

Duration: 2 Days

Validation: 3 Years

Awarding Body: National Occupational Standards

Price per delegate: £378 +VAT

Price per course (max 6): £1980 +VAT


The Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces course is valid for 3 years and provides an understanding of the various dangers of working in a Medium Risk Confined Space environment through both theoretical and practical learning. The comprehensive 2-Day course will upskill your employees and provide them with the skills and knowledge to work in a medium risk confined space. Personnel will gain the knowledge to work in medium risk confined spaces, operate a Safe System of Work, and carry out basic self and assisted rescue, including use of Escape Breathing Apparatus in a hazardous environment. We also deliver Low Risk and High Risk training courses.


  • Breathing apparatus (escape sets/airline/SCBA)

  • Entry and exit logs

  • Portable lighting (intrinsically safe/ATEX approved)

  • Communications (radios)

  • Multi-gas monitors

  • PPE (helmet, gloves, harness, RPE etc)

Learning Outcomes

  • Upskilled employees and contractors - better knowledge and confidence for working in medium risk confined space environments

  • Better prepared - delegates will be able to identify medium risk confined space entry points and respond in the event of an incident or emergency

  • Specialist knowledge - such as how to operate escape breathing apparatus and undertake self and assisted rescue plans

  • Rescue techniques - will be able to undertake self and assisted rescue techniques

  • Equipment use - understand how to operate a multi-gas detector

  • Able to apply safe systems of work - implement best practice procedures

  • Increased capabilities - qualified employees and contractors

  • Legislation - hold a better insight into legislation associated with confined space working


  • Current confined space legislation

  • Dangers associated with these areas

  • Use of multi-gas monitors

  • Human respiratory system

  • Permits to work

  • Methods of communication

  • Use of self-contained escape breathing apparatus

  • Rescue and recovery of casualties

  • Recognition of confined spaces

  • Hazardous atmospheres

  • Risk assessments

  • Safe systems of work for entry into confined spaces

  • Disease and personal hygiene associated with confined spaces

  • Emergency procedures

  • Course assessment and feedback

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If you wish to send a booking enquiry or learn more about the Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces Course, please contact us today on 01482 398521 or

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