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Rescue and Safer Systems of Work

Chrysalis Stretchers

The Chrysalis stretcher system provides the perfect solution for safely transporting a casualty who requires medical care from the scene to a safe area for further medical attention. It is ideal for use within confined space and working at height rescues due to its multi-lifting points and a spine board can be fitted to provide a more rigid casualty rescue system.

Chrysalis stretcher system ideal solution for safely transporting casualities

It’s robust and durable nature makes it a perfect and fit-for-purpose solution for use in various industrial and high-risk environments.

Product Specification






 Chrysalis Rescue Stretcher


Casualty Rescue Equipment

 Industry Accreditation / Standard 

Patented GB 2 403 422

        Conforms to 93/42/EEC (Class 1)  

User Benefits
  • Ideal for tight spaces – this stretcher contains casualty folding capabilities providing space maximisation
  • Contains six patient restraint straps to keep the casualty secure
  • Tested with 4m fall, the mass of 125 Kg
  • Tested with 140 kg in static vertical lift
  • Casualty protection - high visibility design
  • Multiple lifting options - ideal for horizontal and vertical lifting
  • Integrated support strap enables vertical lifting from one lifting point
  • Additional harness support
  • Lightweight
  • Flexibility - Includes a protective bag

If your organisation is looking to invest in a stretcher system, it is paramount that you invest in a product that supports your medical response, rescue provision and the risk-profile of your site.  Contact HFR Solutions today to discuss your needs in greater detail.