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Rescue and Safer Systems of Work

Rescue and Safer Systems of Work

Various businesses face their own unique risk profile and health and safety challenges, some basic emergency rescue and first aid equipment may be similar across the board.

Having access to the correct rescue equipment should always form part of your rescue participations, but in the event of an incident, it will need to be accessed in a matter of moments and can make the difference in the critical moments and potentially help to preserve life or prevent serious injury.

We can supply a range of high-quality branded rescue equipment to support the best-practice and specialist rescue training we deliver for various clients.

This range includes:

  • Chrysalis stretcher
  • Constant Rate Descender Devices (CRD)
  • Rescue Tripods

Working at rescue equipment | CRD's are effective tools for safely loading and lowering users and delegates

Good rescue planning and having suitable and effective rescue equipment available will help to minimise any potential further injuries during a rescue and ideally avoid putting anyone else (i.e. the rescuer) at risk as any rescue considerations should always include the safety of the rescuer.  

High-quality rescue equipment supports ensures delegates have correct rescue provision 

If your organisation would like to discuss your existing rescue provision and equipment in further detail, please contact HFR Solutions today.