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We supply the Petzl branded helmets - Vented and non-vented. Contact HFR Solutions for further informationWorking at heights, and other high-risk activities in industry such as Confined Spaces demand specialist PPE. Issuing and wearing the correct type of helmet is critical to the safety of individuals in these environments.

Work at height safety helmets have to meet a more stringent criteria (EN 397 & EN 12492) to that of a general construction style safety hard-hat (EN397). The main differences are that a construction style safety hard-hat is designed to take an impact from a falling object directly onto the top of the helmet (EN397), where a specific work at height helmet has to achieve impact protection to the top, front, sides, and rear of the helmet (EN 12492) enabling a greater level of protection to the wearer.

Other key elements on a work at height helmet include a greater field of vision (no, or reduced peak), and a stronger chin strap. 

Head and personal protection is a necessity for most industries and plays an important role in keeping your employees safe. Accordingly to recent fatal injury reports 3&4 issued by the HSE, working at height activities still results in one of the highest rates of fatal incidents in the workplace.

Personal Protection Regulations

Personal Protection Equipment at Work Regulations – 1992 it states “to ensure that where risks can be controlled by other means, PPE should be correctly identified and put into use”.

Working with leading industry manufacturer Petzl, HFR Solutions can supply your organisation with a range of high-quality safety helmets.

Petzl Vertex Vent Helmets available from HFR Solutions

Product Specification






 Vertex Vent


Head Protection

 Industry Accreditation / Standard 

Certifications - CE, EN 397, EN 12492, ANSI Z89.1 Type I Class C, EA 

Product Benefits
  • Robust head protection and against head injuries
  • Protection against slips and falls
  • Increased chance of survival in fatal accidents
  • Improve employee visibility
  • Protection against the sun
Effective Head Protection Solutions – Reputable Suppliers

Next time you procure some helmets for your organisation, make sure you are purchasing a recognised head protection brand from a reputable supplier. HFR Solutions can supply a range of Penzl helmets that are designed to deliver a robust solution to provide maximum head protection.

Wear & Tear

Helmets as other PPE equipment suffer from general wear and tear. Therefore PPE items must be checked to ensure they are still fully functional at regular intervals. HFR Solutions provides PPE inspection services that will test and certify your PPE and safety equipment.

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