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PIB (Premises Information Box)™

Premises Information Box (PIB) - secure solution for building owner to store critical information

The information stored in a (PIB)® box will vary depending on the site-specific risks of the building, its location and may include: 

  • Diagram of the building layout – highlighting access and exit areas
  • Emergency and evacuation plans
  • Mains isolation for gas and water
  • Feeds for dry and wet rinse
  • Fire hydrants around the building
  • Information on stop valves
  • Hazardous materials around the building
  • Keys to utility cupboards

Access to this information is critical during the early phases of a fire emergency when an incident commander will make immediate decisions on how best to contain an incident and bring it under control.  


The Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® is a solution that provides a substantial level of security and contains an Emergency Response Guide. This guide which has been put together by leading fire safety specialists and covers how to effectively populate your plans and information so that attending fire crews can readily access and assimilate the information.

Product Specification
 Item  Description
 Brand  Gerda
 Model  Standard Medium Security Specification 
 Application  Fire Prevention
 Industry Accreditation / Standard   EN1303:2005 | British Standards Kitemark
User Benefits
  • Quick access to critical information
  • Robust build – manufactured to 9001:2008
  • Secure solution
  • Easy access in the absence of the key holder
  • Corrosion-free

If your organisation is considering purchasing fire safety solutions, it is paramount that you are able to call upon the expertise of an organisation who possess vast experience in the delivery of fire safety solutions, holds a close working relationship with the local fire and rescue authority and can provide your organisation with independent advice that helps you purchase the right solution that meets your needs.

If your organisation would like to discuss your existing first aid and medical equipment provision needs in further detail, please contact HFR Solutions today.