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Equipment - Sales & Hire

Equipment - Sales & Hire

Rescue Equipment | Rescue tripods,  Stretcher & CRD's| HFR Solutions supplies quality and fit-for-purpose rescue equipment

Fit-for-purpose products

As part of our overall solution offering, we can supply a range of high-quality branded fire safety, medical & first aid, personal protection equipment (PPE) and rescue equipment. These products will provide your employees with complete peace of mind they are using high-quality products, which are suitable for the tasks they undertake.

Equipment selection

HFR Solutions can support your organisation throughout the equipment selection process, if only to advise you on your equipment needs, based upon your site-specific risks, emergency plans and the response levels required.

You can purchase or hire the following PPE and safety equipment from HFR Solutions:

Equipment selection - if we can support your organisation click here

Safety and PPE equipment | Can we help with your equipment selection, familiarisation and training

Safety Harnesses | Contact HFR Solutions to discuss your Fall Arrest & Safety Harnesses needs

Investing in high-quality PPE and safety products highlights your organisation recognises and appreciates the risks and challenging conditions you are working under, putting your safety first and demonstrating a caring attitude towards you and your colleagues. 

We have experienced situations with clients, who have previously purchased equipment such as first aid products which weren’t suitable for their site risks, hardly ever used, stored away as well as responders not being adequately trained in the use of the equipment purchased. The outcome resulted in unnecessary financial expenditure and the response team not being fully competent to use the equipment in the event of a real-life emergency.

Rescue equipment | We supply branded ranges of rescue equipment such as stretcher, rescue tripods and constant rate descenders

First aid equipment | to support our first aid training & consultancy - we also supply defibrillators

If we can help your organisation with any aspect of your equipment selection and purchase needs, please contact us on 01482 398521 or [email protected] today to discuss your requirements in greater detail.