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Your Considerations

Your Considerations

Does your organisation require additional rescue and response provision?

If you are looking at increasing your level of response provision, you must seriously consider if your current level of provision is adequate enough in-relation to the existing level of risk at your site.

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Does your site require additional rescue and response provision?

When considering deploying a dedicated team of standby emergency response specialists, you should consider the following factors;   

The risk profile of your organisation – level of risk and what potentially could go wrong

What are the specified risks on-site?

What is your organisation’s current level of response?

What is the level of response your organisation requires?

Site-specific information

Does your organisation or project have specific needs that are unique?

Does your site operate during the day or on a 24-hour basis?

How long do you require an emergency response team on-site for?  (For a short/medium project or permanently)

Your considerations for deploying a standby team on-site