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What is an ERT Team?

What is an ERT Team?

Dedicated standby rescue specialists

Find out 10 reasons why you should consider using HFR Solutions for your next Standby rescue team provision

Standby rescue teams - deploy emergency response specialists on-site to manage site-safety and provide at-the-scene response

HFR Solutions highly motivated emergency response personnel hold vast expertise in the delivery of:
  • Response and tackling emergencies
  • Initiating your site-based rescue plans
  • Ensuring your health and safety procedures are maintained

Check out how a HFR Solutions standby rescue team supported Sutton Bridge Power Generation during a recent outage

Our highly trained and safety dedicated standby team will provide rescue provisions covering fire, first aid and hazmat incidents, as well as people working in confined space or at height, for various industries or events.

Our response team provides rescue provisions covering fire, medical, confined space & height

HFR Solutions rescue teams are fully-equipped with the appropriate rescue equipment, PPE and advanced first aid equipment equivalent to the risk profile and hazards that may occur at your site.

Flexible and fully immersed in your business

We work with various businesses who operate a day shift or 24/7 operational-based shift systems, so your business can rest assured that you will be fully covered when deploying a HFR Solutions standby rescue team.

Your business needs to be totally comfortable that a deployed incident response team will quickly become: 

Familiar with your site layout and factor in response

Familiar with your specific health and safety procedures

A pro-active extension of your health and safety team

Our standby response teams can be a two-person or multi-person team

When your organisation engages a team of emergency response specialists, they must operate with a flexible approach, be highly skilled and understand the importance of their role in supporting existing site-based health and safety procedures.

These specialists can be engaged on a short-term requirement as well as meeting a more permanent, year-round need, tailored to your site safety needs.

Rescue team sizes to suit your needs - from two to twenty-people

As a standby rescue and emergency response specialist, HFR Solutions CIC provides rescue and safety teams ranging from a two-person up to a multi-person team for differing durations, deployed throughout the UK, to meet a specified risk, site or project.

Your pro-active approach to site safety

  • Reassure employees, contractors and the supply chain
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Provide a quicker response in the event of an incident or emergency occurring
  • Limit the severity of an incident
  • Lower lost time injuries
  • Make your employees feel safer
  • Help to resume normal operations quickly
  • Reinforces your organisation is placing a high level of importance on health and safety
  • Demonstrate a positive approach to incident prevention and reduction