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Fire Response Teams

Fire Response Teams

Safe and effective solutions for managing fire incidents

HFR Solutions is able to deploy at-the-scene fire response specialists, fully equipped with firefighting equipment and media, who are available to deliver immediate and effective response and safety, in the event of a fire incident.

This will provide your organisation with complete reassurance that in the event of a fire incident you have a team of specialist’s on-hand to respond instantly, who will contain and resolve the incident.

HFR Solutions fire response specialists have been deployed for various businesses. For instance, at power generation plants during the construction, operational and maintenance phases and at heavy industry sites where fire is a site-specific risk. 

Fire response teams - temporary or permanent

Our flexible model allows for temporary or permanent fire response teams to be deployed. This provision could be anything from a single response vehicle and appliance to a fully managed contract, operational 24/7 – 365 days, which delivers site-based fire and rescue capabilities for larger industrial facilitates, such as the service that we currently provide at British Steel.

HFR Solutions flexible model for deploying temporary & permanent fire response teams

Single response vehicle and appliance                    OR                           Fully managed contract

Operational teams delivering 24/7 – 365 days site-based response and rescue capabilities


Our expertise in providing fire response extends to managing the emergency response provision for Humberside Airport (HUY), which includes rescue and firefighting services.

Fire response team training

An alternative solution, that some businesses feel better fits their response procedures and model, is for HFR Solutions to train their own team of responders to deliver an effective site-based fire response.

You must take into consideration whether the risk profile of your site and levels of fire response would require on-site firefighting capabilities.