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Contracting Rescue Teams

Contracting Rescue Teams

The benefits of deploying a rescue team 

The benefits your organisation can derive from employing an incident response team can vary from compliance with legislation, reinforcing a positive health and safety culture as well as human factors such as the wellbeing of your workforce.

If your organisation is seeking an emergency response specialist, you must ensure that your partner possesses the skills, experience and competency to deliver the level of standby response and rescue provision that meet your organisation’s risk profile, whether that's part of normal operations or during site outage or shutdown.

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An on-site safety and rescue team can provide added value in various ways such as:

Rescue teams provide immediate response and rescue capabilities and manage onsite safety

Incident reduction

  • Incident/emergency reduction
  • Near miss reduction
  • Post-event incident learnings
  • Reduced lost-time injuries

Immediate at-the-scene response

  • A dedicated team available at the scene of your operations
  • Qualified stand-by team - increased level of response
  • Quicker and immediate response times
  • Convenience – supporting your business continuity and helping to resume normal operations as quickly as possible
  • Collaborative response with the local authority emergency services

Safety culture

  • Confidence and reassurance – knowing specialists are on-hand and they use the procedures of one of the blue light services
  • Risks - understand the potential risks and minimise them
  • Peace of mind – in the event of an emergency
  • Safer workforce – investing in the safety of your workforce (peace of mind)
  • Embed a positive health and safety culture with contractors
  • Suggestions for implementing safe systems of work
  • Build into the overall emergency plan

Adhere to health and safety procedures

  • Offering a totally holistic view of site safety
  • Ensure health and safety procedures are being followed
  • Challenging non-conformation

Internal operations

  • Minimise disruption
  • Reduced downtime - in the event of an emergency
  • Improve business contingency - your operations will be back to normal quicker
  • No need for trained personnel on-site
  • No need to purchase costly safety equipment

Delivering specialised knowledge

  • Write rescue plans
  • Re-assess existing rescue plans
  • Develop and execute rescue and evacuation plans
  • Expertise – evidential and demonstrable experience and knowledge of executing live rescue scenarios

Effective communication

  • Proactive communication with health and safety and operational on-site teams
  • Increased support network for your health and safety team and on-site personnel

Added value