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Medical and First Aid

Review and Test Medical Standards

Review and test your existing first aid standards and provisionReview and test medical procedures

HFR Solutions CIC’s first aid instructor team holds the skills, experience and expertise to write, review and implement appropriate first aid standards and medical procedures. Your current procedures will be completely analysed, as well as your existing capabilities for handling an incident (i.e serious first aid incident) and the level of response you already have in place.

A gap analysis - a thorough review of your first aid procedures

First Aid Needs Assessment - is your first aid provision and resposne adequate

This will incorporate reviewing your existing provision, identifying what might happen (credible scenarios and foreseeable risk), review of existing medical plans, evaluating your team’s training needs and performing a gap analysis exercise.

This process will vary depending on:

  • The type of environment you operate in
  • The level of risk 
  • Types of rescues undertaken



This thorough review will include evaluating procedures such as:

Scene safety

Mobilising and site-wide response

Business continuity arrangements

Helicopter landing area and facilities

HFR Solutions CIC – Front-line response and vast experience

HFR Solutions CIC combines our vast experience and years of front-line response in both the ambulance and fire and rescue service, together with decades of strategic emergency management and tactical emergency planning and risk management implementation, to deliver a complete bespoke medical response plan for your organisation, site and team of first aid responders.

Your medical response plan delivered by responders with front-line expertise

Predicting nature of injuries

Through credible scenario planning, we can reasonably predict the injuries that may occur and provide a standard of support that is effective not just for the injured party, but for your organisation and your employees too.

This unrivalled expertise in the development of first aid and medical standards and processes has been successfully applied for the benefit of various organisations.

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