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Fire Safety

Review & Test Fire Evacuation Plans

Fire evacuation procedures in the workplace

Fire evacuation procedures are an essential part of your workplace fire safety procedures and should be tested to meet legal compliance on a frequent basis by an appointed individual, who is competent to run fire evacuation tests.

HFR Solutions can write, review or test your fire evacuation plansThe importance of fire drills

Fire exercises and drills allow your employees to practice evacuation procedures in a simulated situation to ensure they understand how to safely exit the building. The more familiar your employees are with fire evacuation procedures, the more likely they will engage with these procedures.

If you need some support reviewing or testing your existing fire evacuation plans and procedures, contact HFR Solutions today

Fire can lead to loss of production, damage to infrastructure and increased downtime | To mitigate the risk of a fire incident contact HFR Solutions to discuss best practice measures

Key considerations for reviewing and testing your fire evacuation plans include:

Evaluating the effectiveness of your emergency plan

Ensuring that your evacuation strategy is correct for your premises

Confirming that your employees understand the fire safety training they have received

Ensuring that roles and responsibilities are relevant and correctly resourced

Testing the efficiency of the fire marshals and wardens role

Assessing the suitability of the location and number of assembly points

Testing the arrangements for disabled people and young persons

Determining the appropriate frequency of evacuation drills

Assessing the suitability of the roll call process

Ensuring that lessons can be learnt through effective debrief and report production

Providing information for future training