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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Having fire safety procedures in place that comply with fire safety legislation will help your business mitigate the risk

Thankfully, nowadays fire in the workplace is a rare occurrence. This is due to a combination of reasons including improvements in legislation, standards, building materials, fixed installation systems and a general increase in fire precautions to name but a few. Although, incidents are infrequent, when fires do occur, they can be devastating and expensive.

Small fires can lead to loss of production, increased downtime, as well as a loss of income and increased insurance premiums.

Large fires can be devastating and may lead to:

  • Loss of life
  • Severe damage to property
  • Failure to serve customers
  • Closure of business
  • Significant impact on the environment

Contact us today to ensure your fire policy is fit for purpose, compliant with fire regulations and your fire safety arrangements are appropriate for your organisation.

Fire can lead to loss of production, damage to infrastructure and increased downtime | To mitigate the risk of a fire incident contact HFR Solutions to discuss best practice measures

HFR Fire Safety Solutions | Fire risk assessments, review & test fire evacuation plans fire safety courses, industrial firefighting & deployment of fire responseteams

We offer a comprehensive and bespoke service to cater for your fire safety needs.

Our one-stop-shop range of fire safety solutions include:

The primary objective is to minimise the likelihood of fire and reduce the risk to occupants and third parties affected by your operations.  

Industrial and chemical firefighting - our dedicated facilitates at Humberside Airport provide fantastic facilitates for practicing offensive and defensive firefighting