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Emergency Management

Phase 1 - Plan and Preparedness

Emergency Management - emergency plan writing, review and testing, mitigating risk and dynamic risk assessmentsProper planning and preparation

All individuals and organisations that might have to respond to emergencies should be properly prepared, including having clarity of roles and responsibilities, specific and generic plans, and rehearsing and testing emergency response arrangements periodically. 

We can support your organisation with:

Emergency plans

  • Emergency plan writing, review and audit

Foreseeable risks

  • Undertaking multi-dimensional threat, risk assessments for your companies to identify scenarios that may affect your employees, company, the environment or assets. We take a partnership approach and consult with local responders, emergency services and local authorities (resilience forums)

Rescue plans

  • Devising and creating rescue plans to mitigate some of the risks that may exist

If you need some partial advice about the various emergency management phases from planning to recovery and how it affects your organisation, click below or contact us on 01482 398521 or customer@hfrsolutions.co.uk

With our roots embedded within the emergency services - we hold vast experience of dealing with the complexities of managing incidents

Training solutions to assist the key responders

Training for all roles identified within your emergency plans including:

  • Gold (strategic) commanders
  • Silver (tactical) commanders (main site controllers)
  • Bronze (operational) roles (incident controllers)
  • Loggists
  • Testing, exercising and validation 

Training for your strategic, operational and tactical emergency responders

Our emergency management solutions assist individuals that will be involved in the phases of an emergencyKey emergency management concepts

To assist those individuals that will be involved in the phases of an emergency, we also provide training solutions for:

  • Decision making (JESIP principles)
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Conflict management and resolution

Business continuity - we will identify the gaps

By working with our local authority partners we are able to offer business continuity planning to complement your current procedures. Where you have gaps in business continuity we can provide a full provision including writing and devising your plans.

Can we support your organisation?

Should you wish to discuss your specific needs or you would just like an informal chat about how we can support and enhance your emergency management provision, please feel free to get in touch.