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Emergency Management

Crisis Management

Crisis Management Plan

Those with robust crisis management and business continuity plans willl have implemented those policies and modified how they undertake their essential tasks during a period of an emergency or crisis.

A crisis management plan (often referred to as an emergency response plan) would need to include:

  • When, how and by whom will the plan be activated?
  • Which team members will be part of the response team from a strategic and tactical level?
  • Who is managing the human resources, legal, communications and media processes?
  • A plan for recording decisions and rationale 

Crisis Management - who is responsible for activating the plan and who is part of the response team

Start today, it is never too late to plan and prepare and be in a better place to respond when an emergency occurs. Here at HFR Solutions CIC we pride ourselves on assisting numerous organisations with their emergency management. 

If would like to discuss implementing a crisis management plan within your organisation in greater detail, click below or contact us on 01482 398521 or customer@hfrsolutions.co.uk

Crisis management plans hope your organisation plan and prepare to be in a better place when an emergency occurs

Dedicated emergency planning facilities

In addition to providing specialist operational advice, we work in conjunction with the Humber Emergency Planning Centre (HEPC) which has dedicated facilities at Humberside Airport. The centre provides a vital resource for various organisations who require help with their business continuity and crisis management plans and can assist you on a one-to-one basis with your response.

If required they can provide a specialist strategic/tactical advisor who will have had extensive business and emergency services (fire and police) experience to guide you through:

  • Setting up your emergency response structures
  • Crisis management action planning
  • Providing emergency management solutions
  • A dedicated business premise with parking and all the necessary IT infrastructure just when you need it
  • Any other tasks that support your response in these testing times
  • Your crisis manager will also be available to you on a 24 hour / 7-day basis

Crisis Management Plans - implements policies during an emergency