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Business Continuity

Your Business Continuity Plans

Putting a business continuity plan in place – where to start?
It’s recognised that a large number businesses currently do not have such plans and the following guidance and advice below may support you throughout the several phases of business continuity;

  • Appoint a senior member of the operation to oversee business continuity – this person would ideally have strategic oversight, ability to make company decisions. 

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Business continuity plan | Helping you business maintain all critical operations during an emergency

Create a business continuity plan and crisis management plan
Ideally a business continuity plan should include:

  • The business-critical functions of your operation
  • Access to specialist advice and resources
  • An alternative business location or premise you can operate from
  • The ability of your staff to work remotely
  • A human resources plan that captures absence and family liaison
  • Are there non-critical staff, who are multi-skilled and able to pick up some of the critical work to provide resilience?
  • What would a workforce reduction of 10%, 20%, or 50% mean for the business?

Business Continuity - should cover all key elements of your organisation