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Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Expect the unexpected

An emergency (or disruptive challenge) is broadly defined as a situation or series of events that threatens or causes serious damage to human welfare, the environment or security in the United Kingdom. This covers a wide range of scenarios including adverse weather, severe flooding, animal diseases, terrorist incidents and the impact of a disruption on essential services and critical infrastructure. 

History has taught us to expect the unexpected. Events can, and do, take place that by their nature cannot be anticipated exactly, history has taught us to expect the unexpected. Response arrangements, therefore, need to be flexible in order to adapt to the circumstances at the time while applying good practice, including lessons from previous emergencies. 

At HFR Solutions we pride ourselves on being able to assist you with your emergency management, providing bespoke solutions that match the needs of your individual organisations whilst ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and guidance. 

Our range of bespoke emergency management services covers the following phases:

Can we support your emergency management provision?

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We are here to help your business with emergency management and emergency response plans | HFR Solutions can support your organisation with impartial advice on emergency management

We understand the issues of dealing with emergencies and can provide 247 crisis management provision

24/7 Day crisis management support and provision

Our roots are within the category 1 emergency services (fire and police) and we understand the complexities of dealing with emergencies including working with multi-agency partners. As part of our services, we can offer you a 24/7 365 day crisis management provision to assist you should the unthinkable happen. We pride ourselves on being proactive, dynamic and solution-focused. 

Our emergency management solutions supports you through the planning, response and recovery phases