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Power Generation & Utilities

Part of the nation’s critical infrastructure

The power generation sector forms part of our national infrastructure and plays a critical role in helping to keep businesses operating.

The UK’s mix of energy resources has changed dramatically over the past few decades, with the nation’s energy generation being provided by resources such as biomass, gas, power plants, solar, hydro, onshore and offshore wind.

Foreseeable risks

The power generation sector is a high-risk environment, where the foreseeable site-specific risks may affect business continuity:

 Confined space  Energy storage
 Explosion and fire incidents  First aid and medical incidents
 Live machinery  Power failure
 Work at height  

In order to minimise risk and comply with regulations as well as meet its social and environmental obligations, it is crucial for this industry to implement effective emergency response procedures and site evacuation plans, which are frequently tested through practical simulations.  

Emergency planning and site evacuation plans

The control room is a key element in facilitating smooth internal operations and employees working in the control room have major responsibilities. They must ensure all areas of the site are working and will also play a major role in delivering emergency response and managing incidents. They are also ideally placed to review and test these procedures, to ensure existing emergency response procedures are effective.

The importance of testing your emergency plans

Regular site-based exercises and testing of your site evacuation and emergency response procedures will help to determine:

  • Lessons learnt
  • Areas for improvement

Does your organisation have a requirement for a site-based response team?

With the level of site-specific risk, it is vitally important that your site safety record remains extremely high and the current level of response is equivalent to the risk profile of your site.

Your organisation has a duty of care to maintain high standards of safety for the wellbeing of your;

  • Employees
  • Contractors
  • Local community

Some power generation businesses that operate on a 24 hour / 7-day shift basis may have a requirement for site-based confined space and work at height response and rescue, when operatives may be dealing with operations outside of your normal scope and procedures.

Increased risk profile during an outage or site shut down

During your site shut down or outage, the risk profile of your site increases due to factors such as;

  • Open confined spaces
  • Areas of the site being accessed that aren’t accessed on a normal basis
  • Increased footfall and vehicle movements
  • Contractors onsite who aren’t familiar with the site layout and hazards

If any maintenance or repair is being undertaken by your own team, rescue plans should have been developed to cover the relevant jobs to be completed.

Alternatively, if this work is being delivered by external contractors, please ensure they have rescue plans in place and test these rescue plans to ensure they are suitable and sufficient. 

What level of current stand-by response do you require?

Site Outage and Shutdown – do you have adequate provision to cover?

 Confined space rescues   Fire incidents
 Hazardous chemical spill  Medical incidents
 Work at height rescue  

If you already have a response team in place do they have the following capabilities?

Continuing to operate your business offsite in the event of a major incident

How easy is it to undertake your operations offsite and continue to operate your business?

Although the likelihood of this occurring could be relatively small, a major on-site incident could prevent your business from continuing to operate at your current base. You may need a back-up or satellite facility which can be used as a temporary location to allow your business to continue to operate and serve your customers.

Humber Emergency Planning Centre – providing off-site facilities for your organisation

Humber Emergency Planning Centre will provide your organisation with an ideal solution to allow your organisation to continue operations off site in the event of a major incident.