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Manufacturing & Production

Your risk profile and level of response

Manufacturing sites are a hive of activity, with live production processes, warehousing supplying raw materials, vehicle movements and finished goods operations all contributing towards an increased level of site-specific risk. Any site-specific risk needs to be managed and mitigated against with a response level equivalent to the risk level - whether it is medical, fire, work at height or confined space.

No matter if you operate from state-of-the-art production facilities or are based at a site that has been manufacturing for decades, it is possible you may have some confined space or work at height areas that need to be accessed for routine maintenance, cleaning or vital repairs.

Never comprise on safety standards

Operating safe entry and systems of work for these areas is paramount for employee safety, mitigating risk, preventing incidents from occurring and compliance with health and safety legislation. Any changes in personnel, site layout, business operations or production processes all need to be reflected in your site emergency plans and health and safety procedures.

Site-safety messages

As a professional responsible for site health and safety and emergency response, you may feel that it is a constant challenge ensuring important site-safety messages are always adhered to.

A professional emergency response and workplace safety specialist, with vast expertise and experience working with manufacturing-based operations such as Akzo Nobel, British Steel, Howdens, RB, Smith & Nephew, VolkerRail and Wren Kitchens, are perfectly positioned to provide the support required to ensure your safety messages are being understood and adhered to at all levels of your business.

HFR Solutions will support your efforts to drive a change in health and safety culture and to implement safety intervention actions which will make a noticeable difference to health and safety at your site, reducing the level of on-site incidents.

How often do you review or test your plans

It shouldn’t take an incident for your organisation to review your operations and health and safety procedures.  Current procedures, plans, policies and response should be reviewed and tested on a frequent basis, identifying gaps in current provision and highlighting areas for improvement.

Is your level of response adequate and match site-specific risk

We work with various large regional and blue-chip brands and businesses to help them really understand the site-specific risks they face. This consultancy work also encompasses how an effective response which is embedded into your emergency response plans and procedures will help to mitigate these risks. This response will also highlight any training gaps and equipment needs, to support your emergency procedures and responders. 

Compliance & ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

If your organisation is looking to achieve *ISO 45001 accreditation status, then you need to be aware that Clause 8.2 of the ISO 45001:2018, the Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard published in early March 2018, relates to Emergency Preparedness and Response.

*ISO 45001:2018(en) guidance

*Five steps for Emergency Response Planning in ISO45001 

An unforeseen incident or emergency can happen at any moment. Emergencies can be natural like a flood and earthquake or as a result of human involvement, for example, fire, chemical or toxic substance spill, medical or major structural failure.

ISO 45001 accreditation requires organisations to establish, implement and maintain a process to prepare for emergency situations and be prepared to handle all emergencies through adequate response planning.