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Heavy Industry Operations

Heavy regulation results in the need for robust emergency plans

With heavy regulation of organisations operating within industrial sectors there is a requirement to maintain robust emergency and site evacuations plans, with frequent review and testing. This is in addition to maintaining effective health and safety procedures, from fire evacuation plans to full-scale emergency response procedures.

Businesses involved in the sub-sectors highlighted below operate in high-risk environments, where protection against site-specific hazards is required, such as high-risk production processes, the operation of live machinery or the manufacture and storage of flammable liquids and toxic substances.

Sub-sectors operating within these environments include:

Aggregates Mining and quarries
Paint manufacturers Polymers
Power generation Steel production


Does your organisation have a requirement for site-based response during an outage to a certain part of the site or during a complete shut down?

Some businesses such as power generation, manufacturing, chemical plants or businesses which operate on a 24-hour/7-day shift basis may be subject to an annual or biannual outage and site shut down. This provides a short window in the calendar for production to stop and vital repair and preventive maintenance work to be undertaken.

During this period there will be an increased level of risk with hazardous activities undertaken on site. For example, confined spaces may be open, contractors and site-based response teams may be accessing areas that aren’t normally accessible, and on-site vehicle movements and footfall could increase.

Site-specific response and rescue, emergency response services, consultancy and training

As duties during this period may fall outside normal operating procedures, it is possible that your organisation will require specialist services such as standby emergency response professionals who provide immediate rescue and response to fire incidents, medical incidents, confined space incidents and work at height incidents.

Is your current level of first aid response sufficient? 

With this increased level of risk, another serious consideration is the potential for first aid, trauma and medical incidents and whether your current first aid response capability is sufficient. Standard first aid at work training doesn’t provide an adequate level of first aid response for major traumas, cardiac arrest, major bleeds and other first aid incidents. 

We deliver an extensive range of emergency response services, consultancy and workplace safety training courses for industrial-based operations throughout the Humber, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire regions, and further afield in the UK.