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Industrial firefighting, tailored emergency preparedness, on-site response teams and bespoke workplace safety training

In the fast-paced, high-risk aviation environment, each of the many sub-sectors involved in meeting customer needs has bespoke emergency response, planning and training requirements – that includes airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, tour operators, baggage & cargo handling, air freight transport, search and rescue helicopter operations, retail operations, support teams and the associated supply chain.

Total one-stop-shop solutions for implementing safe systems of work in the aviation sector

To protect the 24-hour service provided to domestic travellers and the commercial travel sector you must ensure that your site has robust emergency response procedures and an adequate level of response in place.

High-risk environments – managing on-site incidents and emergencies

Operations such as the transportation of highly flammable liquids and large passenger numbers create potentially high-risk situations for airports and airlines. Should an on-site incident or emergency occur, the speed and efficiency of your organisation’s response could have a significant impact on passenger safety and confidence, daily operations, and ability to service customers and transport passengers to their onward destinations.

On-site emergency response

Humberside Airport utilises our emergency response expertise and capabilities to manage their on-site response and firefighting service: In collaboration with Humberside Airport, HFR Solutions CIC also provides the following aviation and industrial firefighting and workplace safety training solutions.

Equip your workforce to perform under pressure 

As a leading provider of aviation and industrial firefighting training for high-risk environments, we are also able to deliver practical simulations to test response to fire and medical incidents as well as specialist First on Scene Responder training.

Prevent skills decay in your workforce

What’s more, by choosing to partner with emergency response and industrial firefighting specialists HFR Solutions CIC, you can actively help prevent workforce skills fade.

It is well documented that without frequent training, skills fade occurs over time, making refresher training essential to maintain effective planning, levels of response, best practice and to improve competency levels. HFR Solutions’ expertise and experience of supporting the aviation industry will help your organisation achieve this.