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HFR Solutions delivers a wide range of effective consultancy, emergency planning & response and training solutions to various business sectors

HFR Solutions works with a wide variety of organisations from public sector bodies to traditional industries, as well as petrochemical and emerging sectors. Each has its own credible site-specific risks, for which there needs to be actionable emergency response procedures and an adequate level of response. 

For any organisation undertaking high-risk activities, the wellbeing and preservation of your employees, assets and infrastructure should be high priority. Equally important is the preservation of a positive brand image, your moral obligations towards the local community and the environment, as well as business continuity.

Therefore you can be sure that we hold the competency and experience to assist your organisation.

You may already have teams responsible for health and safety, incident and crisis management and first on-scene medical response. However, it is highly likely you will require external support to ensure your existing emergency response procedures and plans are robust, reflect the risk profile of your business and are tested regularly. It is also advisable to have the competency of your incident and emergency response team members assessed externally.

With a level of knowledge, expertise and experience equivalent to the emergency services, HFR Solutions has the capabilities to understand the unique challenges faced by your organisation, its environment and deliver a tailored emergency management, emergency response, consultancy and safety training solution.