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Three car blaze responded to by HFR Solutions Rescue Technicians

Last month, our team tackled a three car blaze at Sainsbury’s car park in Hedon, Yorkshire. Our rescue technicians (also competent firefighters) were on their return journey from Perenco; where they had been providing confined space rescue cover.

The team used four fire extinguishers, which were carried in the van, to prevent further escalation and damage prior to their colleagues from Humberside Fire & Rescue Service fully extinguishing the fire. Luckily, no one was harmed and no one needed to be rescued.

It is now believed that the cause of the ignition source was an imitation of a branded phone charging lead, purchased from an unknown manufacturer outside the UK.

Any electrical device has a chance of catching fire, including phone chargers. However, there has recently been a surge in the purchasing of fake and/or faulty phone wires. Around 1.8 million phone chargers are purchased in the UK each year. It is important to prioritise safety over low costs, and only purchase phone chargers that are compliant with UK testing standards from a supplier that you trust.

Electrical Safety First, a charity committed to reduce deaths and injuries caused by electrical accidents, reported that 98 per cent of ‘fake’ chargers “put consumers at risk of lethal electric shock and fire".

Our Business Development Manager, Shaun Lyons commented: “I’m always immensely proud of the HFR Solutions CIC emergency response teams, and the professionalism they demonstrate day to day”.

Nick Granger, HFR Solutions Managing Director said: "Well done to all involved, another great effort of the collaborative nature of the work HFR Solutions perform on a daily basis."


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