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The Goddards Care Home Community Garden: The Big Build

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

HFR Solutions have funded and installed a new sensory garden at The Goddards Care Home in Snaith, to be enjoyed by both the residents and the community. This garden will provide a sense of escapism for the residents after a turbulent couple of years stuck inside during lockdown.

Solutions have worked collaboratively with British Steel on this project: helping towards achieving our vision of making the Humber region a safer place to live and work.

Our Managing Director Nick Granger commented "I had the pleasure of going across on Friday and opening the garden in conjunction with the team responsible from a Solutions perspective and a number of the British Steel workforce which was both a privilege and an honour, it is truly humbling to see what a team of motivated and driven individuals can achieve in a very short space of time".

Our Emergency Response Coordinator Joanne Wooden has written an account of the final week of the big build:

Day 1

Day one started with a downpour of rain, however that didn’t stop us! The music was on, the gazebo was up, and Anna (resident) was ready from 8am this morning to keep our team well fed and hydrated all day. Craig Marshall (HFR Solutions) was a bit concerned in the first hour that we might fall behind, but we ended up finishing a day ahead of schedule. Helpers included Shaun Lyons (HFR Solutions), Dan Bowen (volunteer), Dan Crowston (HFR Solutions) and Bill Buckby (volunteer).

Day 2

Anna (resident) has been amazing in the kitchen making sandwiches, teas, and coffees throughout the day. Neil (resident) has been working with everyone and is so excited to get a light put into his shed. Neil gave Mick Watson and Mick Ridsdale (HFR Solutions) permission to take an early lunch and vowed he would finish the paving off for them. Every time Mick Ridsdale (HFR Solutions) laid a slab, he would turn around to find Neil either lying or walking on it. The patience, understanding and joy shown to the residents throughout this build has been immense.

Trevor and Jane opened the Goddards 25 years ago. They watched in awe and commented that the project has far exceeded any expectation they had. They have since retired and live behind the care home. However, as the residents here are all their family, they still visit on a daily basis.

Day 3

We are on the final push to get this garden finished in time for Friday’s handover. The most important part of the garden is resident Neil’s shed which has now been moved into a new spot. It’s had a hard base built and will have a path from the door to the sensory garden. The shed has been rotated so that Neil can be seen from the house while he potters in his shed.

Gary has been winding Chris Clark (HFR Solutions) up over the last few days, by giving Neil some of the tools and nails that Chris had needed for doing the decking. Neil happily obliged and was storing them in his shed. There were a few choice words from Chris when he found them this afternoon, but all in good spirit.

The decked area is now built, and the raised beds are ¾ complete. Mick Watson is confident that by the end of tomorrow, the path round the garden will be complete, leaving Thursday for the electrics, topsoil, and planting.

Even after everyone’s protests, Pauline (HFR Solutions) left us today to go on holiday tomorrow. It will be her birthday while she is away. She has been amazing with her baking to keep the troops going, so we said a big thank you to her today.

Day 4

The list of people that have helped us are as below:

Paul Coopers Transport

Steve from the salt and pepper market

Andy Leighton from Lindon: supplied us with all the turf and meadow grass

Wold: skip hire

Paul and Andy Jubbs: electrical fitters

Bill Buckby has been here every day working with our lads labouring

Richard Wales has been here most days – his daughter comes to the home for respite care

Mick Cottingham came down one day, his son is a resident here

HFR Solutions Team

Craig Marshall: Designer

Chris Clark: Carpenter

Mick Ridsdale: Brickie

Mick Watson: Brickie

Dean Whitwood: Brickie

Pauline Olivant: Baker

HFR Solutions Labourers

Shaun Lyons

Baz Pearman

Gary Morren

Dan Crowston

Kev DiMiele

Dan Bowen

John Armson

Georgia Moy

Adam Boulton

British Steel

Cassie Flannigan

Heather Bateman

Helen Rennie


Help from the home

Sue Buckby: works for the home, but has baked for our guys all day

Anna: making tea and coffee all day

Neil: resident and newly appointed apprentice

Day 5

We are almost done! Thus far, the garden has been built with a lot of sweat, a lot of laughter and a lot of love.

Mick Watson and Mick Ridsdale stayed until 7pm tonight to finish the brick laying and pathways. The slab stones were also grouted around the centre circle and Neil’s shed.

We had the British Steel apprentices back today, all of which have been very hard working. The apprentices have been so respectful to the residents whilst laughing and joking with them.

Rachel (manager) said to me today “The difference in Neil this week has been something else, you would almost believe he didn’t have the onset of dementia, but instead it may have been the effect of being locked away during COVID”.

A change in the behaviour of the residents isn’t just exclusive to Neil. As the week has progressed, we are seeing some of the quieter residents feel more confident and come spend time with us. They will be glad that the garden is finished so that they are finally able to use it. However, they will miss having us there, as we will miss them.


Our journey with The Goddards has only just begun. We will continue to check in with the Home, maintain the garden, and provide training such as Heartstart and Basic First Aid. We are proud to have been able to work collaboratively with British Steel, ensuring our profits are invested in projects and initiatives that make a difference to the community.

If you are aware of any persons who may be in need of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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