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Palace of Westminster Consultancy Project

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Location: Palace of Westminster

Training: Work at Height, First Aid

Timeframe: January 2021 - Present

HFR Solutions were contacted in January 2021 to work collaboratively with Shepley Engineers on a large scale roof renovation project at the Palace of Westminster.

HFR Solutions provided assistance by improving Shepley's work at height training, ensuring staff were equipped to treat a casualty and rescue individuals from height. Shepley now have competent rescue technicians and have improved their first aid capabilities to allow them to intervene should they have any incidents at height - both with employees and other contractors. Consultancy of emergency arrangements were provided, followed by a documented report.

Solutions Delivered

  • Work at height consultancy

  • Work at height rescue training

  • Rescue equipment

  • First aid needs assessment

  • Enhanced first aid training and equipment

  • Legal documentation

  • Response risk assessment

  • Legislative compliance in line with the Work at Height Regulations 2005


Subsequent to a work at height incident, HFR Solutions were contacted for assisance. Following a site visit, a report was provided after conducting a GAP analysis. This provided an understanding as to what had gone wrong and what steps should be taken to mitigate future incidents. Solutions provided improvements to the current processes and procedures. The GAP analysis indentified that the Shepley team would benefit from work at height rescue training. This training would be standardised to ensure the team are aware of legal requirements.

In doing so, HFR Solutions produced a risk assessment and rescue plan to support the full procedures that the client already had in place. It was then agreed that doing work at height rescue training was the most appropriate to be conducted on site to allow the site personnel to conduct realistic rescue scenarios across the project. Due to the experience and background of HFR Solutions personnel, the Shepley team were relying on Solutions' extensive rescue background to ensure that the team could conduct any foreseeable incidents.

Rescue and Safety Training

Over the course of various courses, 30 Shepley personnel were trained. The Shepley team now have full capability to rescue from height and deal with medical interventions. Employees now have a capability to rescue from height and use the Alimak lift. Work at height equipment was repositioned to suit the needs of the project. A first aid needs assessment identified that the team needed a greater capability to deal with more serious fisrt aid injuries. Enhanced First Aid training was provided alongside first aid kits. This put Shepley in a far greater position to deal with medical incidents in a difficult working environment.


  • High levels of compliance

  • Staff are more competent - there is a greater capability to deal with a similar incident at height and an enhanced understating of the safety culture

  • Client now has full confidence in the Shepley team regarding their emergency planning and preparedness

  • Shepley have since been recognised by the client and have asked the Shepley Engineering team to present at the conference for Engineering due to the best practice


Post incident the clients were putting extreme pressure on the Shepley Engineering team to review their current practices and procedures to improve their emergency planning and preparedness. By working with HFR Solutions they were able to exceed expectations through the level of competency and compliance achieved throughout the process.


“From having a very limited rescue capability, through HFR Solutions we have now got documented rescue plans, risk assessments, and a genuine capability to rescue from all areas of our projects. The rescue training and equipment provided was industry leading."


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