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Your Business Continuity Plans (25.03.20)

Posted: 25/03/2020

Categories: Covid-19, Our Business Continuity Update

Your Business Continuity Plans - Response and Recovery

Organisations and businesses, large or small, are having to make changes and adapt how they operate during these unprecedented times. As the impact of Covid 19 and the restrictions implemented by Government take effect, it’s imperative that your business prepares for disruption and considers how it will recover?
Putting your business continuity and crisis management plans into practice
Many businesses are following government guidelines and playing their part in helping to prevent the spread of the virus. Those with robust crisis management and business continuity plans have implemented those policies and adapting how they carry out their essential tasks and daily operations. 
Need to put a business continuity plan in place – where do you begin?
It’s also recognised that a large number of small and large businesses do not have such plans and the following guidance may assist you throughout the several phases of business continuity and emergency management;

  • Appoint a senior member of the company to oversee the coronavirus response – this person would ideally have strategic oversight, ability to make company decisions. 

Create a business continuity plan
A business continuity plan would need to include:

  • The business-critical functions of your operation
  • Access to specialist advice and resources
  • The ability of your staff to work remotely
  • An alternative business location or premise you can operate from
  • A human resources plan that captures absence and family liaison
  • What would a workforce reduction of 10%, 20%, or 50% mean for the business?
  • Are there non-critical staff, who are multi-skilled and able to pick up some of the critical work to provide resilience?


Business continuity and crisis management plans - HFR Solutions can support your business

Crisis management plan
A crisis management plan (sometimes referred to as an emergency response plan) would need to include some of the following:

  • When, how and by whom will the plan be activated?
  • Who will be part of the response team from a strategic and tactical level?
  • Who is managing the human resources, legal, media and communications processes?
  • The implementation of an action plan to record decisions and rationale 

Supporting your crisis response and business continuity planning efforts

It is never too late to plan and prepare. At HFR Solutions CIC we pride ourselves on assisting organisations and companies with their emergency response management
One-to-one support

In addition to providing specialist operational advice, we work in conjunction with the Humber Emergency Planning Centre (HEPC) which is located at Humberside Airport. This dedicated planning centre provides a vital resource for various businesses who require support with their emergency management plans and can support you on a one-to-one basis with your crisis response and business continuity planning.

Click here for further information on added-value services such as a specialist strategic/tactical advisor who can guide you through the process.


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Nick Granger

Managing Director
HFR Solutions CIC

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