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World’s First Floating Wind Farm In The Offing

Posted: 30/08/2017

There is likely to be a requirement for GWO working at heights qualification from the local supply chain, following the launch of a floating wind farm off the coast of Scotland.

The first of its kind, it is hoped the new floating wind farm will be the first of many as it allows energy to be harnessed from wind over water that is too deep to house normal standing underwater turbines.

Instead, these machines can be placed anywhere as the turbine can float, generating power wherever it is needed. These could include places like Japan, or the West Coast of the US where deep waters have hindered the development of wind power.

"This is a tech development project to ensure it's working in open sea conditions. It's a game-changer for floating wind power and we are sure it will help bring costs down," Leif Delp, Project Director for Hywind told the BBC.

One turbine is already in place and more are planned for Petershead, 15 miles off the Aberdeen coast line.

They are currently very expensive to produce, but it is hoped that as development improves and the scale of manufacture increases they will become much more effective.

Wind energy is already cheaper than had been expected, exceeding government targets by four years. It has dropped 32 per cent since 2012.

Scotland is already leading the way for wind energy, and is second