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Woman Saved After Falling Off Cruise Ship

Posted: 20/08/2018

Rescue specialists made up of emergency response teams and personal who hold vast experience in rescue managed to save a woman’s life after she ended up in the water for over ten hours after falling off a cruise ship.

The lady in question fell off the back of a cruise ship in waters off Croatia, where luckily the warmer than average temperature of the water allowed her to survive.

"Flat, calm conditions" meant the woman in this case was able to float, swim and "stay pretty much where she fell in", Professor Tipton told the BBC.

"She wasn't being battered by waves for the whole of the time. She would have most inevitably had drowned if that had been the case."

She was also lucky to not have been pulled under the ship due to turbulence or pushed into the path of another cruise ship, said survival expert Simon Jinks.

She herself credits using yoga and being physically fit enough to keep herself afloat and also singing while she awaited rescue.

When she was eventually found she was discovered to be exhausted but in overall ‘good shape’ said rescuers.

The circumstances under which she fell from the Norwegian Star are currently being investigated, though the ship itself was part of the rescue efforts. One of the reasons why the woman could be saved was due to the efforts of passengers to identify when she fell of the ship and the ship’s use of CCTV to confirm it. This meant that rescuers were able to find her.