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Will Augmented Reality Change The Face Of Manufacturing?

Posted: 14/05/2018

Augmented reality could be the most disruptive technology facing modern-day manufacturing, not least because of the benefits of eliminating human error and by extension improving the overall health and safety of workers.

Thomasnet.com reports that augmented reality apps that can impose an alternative perspective using graphics and other content, will allow operators to engage with the factory floor and to train for the busy industrial workplace in a safe environment using a smartphone or tablet computer.

While a virtual reality headset might impede peripheral vision on a busy factory floor - which could be hazardous - augmented reality is a more natural way of tackling the tasks in front of you, allowing you to reference the real world to complement how you interact with the augmented reality world, and may one day play an important role in emergency response planning across a range of heavy industries.

Nevertheless VR technology is being used by some organisations for health and safety training, allowing individuals to be immersed in an emergency situation.

SHP Online said this approach is on the rise and can be used as part of a course that knits together site-based and VR related elements to form a complete training session or course.

Thomasnet.com reports that AR has a place in health and safety training as well, with industrial technology company Atheer already developing a system that allows users to shadow existing personnel, identifying pop-ups as they are observed indicating the correct protocol and how it is being carried out for health and safety.