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UK Renewable Use At Record High

Posted: 23/11/2017

Growth in the use of renewable energy in the UK could result in further wind turbine and windfarm installations both onshore and offshore as well as a growth in solar panels useage, as the cost of producing this form of energy continues to fall.

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) analysed government data to highlight that renewables contributed 29.8 per cent of our power mix in the second quarter of this year, while coal generation fell to 2.1 per cent, a drop of 50 per cent year-on-year.

Advances in wind technology are one of the factors that has boosted renewable energy generation, with floating offshore wind turbines recently deployed in the waters off Scotland. Hywind Scotland began generating power earlier this month, with its operator Statoil revealing that it’s excited about the future of the technology and the opportunities it presents. This kind of breakthrough means that the cost of generating energy using wind power is continuing to fall, making it an increasingly attractive source of power.

Companies that are involved in both building and maintaining offshore wind farms need to make sure that all their staff have undertaken GWO working at heights courses prior to undertaken any work offshore.

While the growth of wind and solar generation in the UK is a cause for celebration, REA Head of Policy and External Affairs James Court stressed that the government needs to do more to encourage continued development in this area.

“The government must address the policy barriers which have unnecessarily impeded their deployment over the last year,” he asserted.