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UK Businesses ‘Failing’ On Health And Safety Training

Posted: 14/06/2017

Providing the right health and safety training to employees is imperative in any business, but particularly one that operates in a high-risk industry, such as the industrial, construction, offshore or manufacturing sectors.

However, a new report has found that two-thirds of businesses with five or more employees in the UK are failing to give their workers the health and safety guidance required by law.

The Future of Health and Safety Report published by WorkMobile revealed that 65 per cent of employees claimed they had not been given appropriate health and safety information when they started in a new role.

In addition, of those who did receive health and safety guidance, 27 per cent felt that it needed to be explained in greater detail. This was mainly due to the fact that they believed it didn’t properly explain the organisation’s procedures, or the associated risks of the job.

Businesses in the UK should therefore ensure that their employees fully understand the health and safety procedures in place, as well as any emergency response plans that are relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

The report also revealed that employees who work in high-risk or hazardous jobs are less likely to have read their operations manual, with 48 per cent of people in these types of roles admitting that they haven’t looked at the information, compared to those working in low-risk jobs where only 40 per cent had failed to read the manual.

Given that the average cost of health and safety fines in the UK has trebled in the past year, firms would do well to make sure that all their employees know what to do to minimise the risks they face at work.