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Top Health And Safety Trends To Watch

Posted: 12/03/2019

Organisations in all industries and of all sizes should always be keeping an eye on the latest developments and articles concerning health and safety.

In a recent interview with SHP Online, Vice-President of Product Marketing at Corit, Pamela Bobbitt, gave her take on what she believes will be top trends within the health and safety sector in the coming months.

Among them is a shift towards spending more on overall staff wellness, as organisations begin to recognise the true cost of absenteeism.

The news provider cited research by the Centre of Economic and Business Research, which suggested that absenteeism is costing the UK economy £18 billion annually. Ms Bobbitt said that one of the ways to tackle this is for employers to ensure that people are healthy at home as well as at work.

Another factor that those working in health and safety need to be wary of is any decline in the country’s economic situation.

“It’s a critical couple of years for health and safety to be able to communicate its value to the organisation,” she stated. It’s therefore important for teams to explain why they’re important to a business to avoid being seen as a place to cut costs.

Industry 4.0 is another area where health and safety practitioners need to be on the ball, Ms Bobbitt added. They should be looking for ways to take advantage of the new technology being introduced by Industry 4.0 to make workplaces safer and more productive.

Earlier this year, 5G video streaming was trialled across NHS Ambulance Trusts to allow hospital-based doctors to view footage and make life-saving decisions for patients who are en-route to a hospital.x

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