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The West ‘Ill-Prepared’ For Nuclear War Fallout

Posted: 16/06/2017

A top fallout expert has issued a stark warning, saying that countries in the west are not prepared for nuclear war, a meltdown or the fallout that would ensue as a result.

Speaking to the Independent, director of Homeland Defence Projects at Pluristem Therapeutics Dr Arik Eisenkraft observed that with world powers seemingly at loggerheads constantly these days, governments around the world would be wise to make sure they’re properly prepared for the possibility of nuclear incidents in the future.

He commented: “If you are not prepared in advance, you won’t have a good response. Once everyone is aware of the potential of this problem, you are already on the way to having a good solution.”

Dr Eisenkraft did note, however, that governments are now becoming increasingly more aware of the dangers that terrorist attacks could pose to their nuclear infrastructure, praising the UK for prioritising nuclear preparedness.

That said, countries must still do more to ready themselves for the aftermath of a nuclear war or accident – with one of the biggest issues being the understanding of what other nations are undertaking with regards to their disaster response.

This comes as North Korea points the finger at the US for tension on the Korean Peninsula, as officials in the country push forward with testing of nuclear weapons… and Washington has now threatened to resort to military action in order to prevent this from occurring. The navy’s Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group has now been deployed to nearby seas, while advanced surveillance drones were also sent to Japan a few weeks ago.