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Support Required For The Emergency Services?

Posted: 05/07/2017

A study carried out by Mind Cymru, a mental health charity in Wales, discovered that around 90 per cent of emergency workers have experienced stress, while 25 per cent have considered suicide. To tackle this issue they launched a scheme last week, called The Blue Light Programme which aims to help 20,000 emergency workers in Wales.

Despite the stress they endure, workers in this environment are less likely to take days off. The survey revealed that less than 40 per cent of staff had taken time off because of poor mental health, compared to 60% of the general workforce.

The scheme will offer training to encourage staff to seek support and aim to tackle five areas which include the stigma and discrimination by employers, building mental health resilience and improving support systems at both work and home. It is important to address the stigma attached to mental health so people receive the support and right level of help they require.

A nationwide survey, carried out by Time to Change Wales (run by Gofal, Hafal and Mind Cymru), recently revealed that there has been a 4.7 per cent shift in how people perceive mental health in Wales. This means that nearly 120,000 people have a more positive attitude towards it than they did in 2012, when the study was first carried out – and hopefully The Blue Light Programme will encourage this figure further. 

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