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Service Delivery & Course Update

Posted: 28/06/2016

Course Update

HFR Solutions CIC - Specialists in delivering advanced rescue courses for working at height or in confined spacesSince the move to our new purpose-built facilities during 2015, we have experienced increasing demand for both our emergency response planning services and bespoke safety training courses.

Demand has increased for specialist training such as advanced rescue techniques for working at height and confined space working, advanced first aid and immediate care for remote and offshore workers. This has been driven by industries such as renewables to improve competency levels, prevent skills fade, simulate rescues using credible scenarios and to enable implementation of safer systems of work.


Emergency Response

HFR Solutions CIC Delivers Emergency Response Planning & On-Site Rescue Teams To Comah Sites & Heavy IndustryOrganisations operating in high risk environments, including sectors such as offshore renewables, port authorities, COMAH sites, heavy industry and aviation where health and safety and mitigating risk are of paramount importance, have placed a greater priority on implementing new emergency response procedures or undertaking a thorough review of their emergency response plans to test their effectiveness.

Whether your organisation needs to create emergency response plans or just review them and test their validity, HFR Solutions CIC emergency response planning can be designed to meet your needs. To complement our plan writing expertise, we are able to test all levels of emergency management through training and development sessions designed specifically around your site, using your risk profiles and using credible scenarios to test your associated procedures.


URIECA – UK Remote Immediate Emergency Care Advanced Training

URIECA Remote Immediate Emergency Care Advanced Training - Improving Your Immediate Emergency Care, Advanced Trauma & First Aid SkillsDriven by the need to improve immediate care for employees working in remote and offshore locations, HFR Solutions CIC successfully delivered its first four day URIECA – UK Remote Immediate Emergency Care Advanced Training to delegates and representatives from several leading renewable and offshore wind organisations earlier this year.

The course syllabus, delivered in-conjunction with Trauma Resuscitation Services, covers key themes such as – scene management, administer pain relief, spinal immobilisation, suspension trauma, catastrophic bleeding and kinematics. This will help organisations operating in remote and offshore locations implement the procedures and frameworks to allow a team or individual to administer immediate care in the event of an accident.

If your organisation is interested in finding out how our URIECA course can help your remote and offshore teams become better prepared to handle incidents and emergencies, please click here or call 01482 398521 to obtain further details.