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Serious Health & Safety Failings At Amazon Revealed

Posted: 26/10/2018

An investigation by union GMB has revealed that Amazon warehouse workers could be working in apparently dangerous conditions, with over 440 serious incidents reported since 2015/2016.

The incidents included head injuries, contusions, fractures and collisions with heavy equipment, all reported to the Health and Safety Executive. And one of the reports went into detail about a crash involving a forklift truck that was caused by a lapse in concentration, potentially down to long working hours.

General-Secretary of the union Tim Roache suggested that bosses at Amazon are hiding their heads in the sand and there’s no getting around the fact that these figures offer a “horrifying insight” into the company’s warehouses and no one should have to go to work concerned about hurting themselves in any capacity.

“Amazon is treating workers like robots, not humans. This is a multi-billion-pound company owned by the richest man in the world. You have to ask yourself whether it’s a deliberate decision to sacrifice safety to keep the bottom line growing, because I can’t see why else you’d tolerate these conditions,” he went on to say.

Of course, you should focus on creating such working conditions that the safety of your staff members is ensured – and this will include devising the appropriate emergency response procedures and health and safety plans just in case something does happen.

Here at HFR Solutions, we deliver a range of emergency response planning solutions and incident response training courses to help your organisation plan, prepare and respond effectively as well as manage all eventualities. This will help to ensure your employees can do their jobs as safely as possible. Get in touch with us today to find out more.