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Scottish Wind Farms Set For Expansion

Posted: 03/03/2017

Paul Wheelhouse, Scottish Energy Minister, has recently approved a ten turbine extension to the operational Millennium Wind Farm in the Scottish Highlands.

This extension will have a generating capacity of 35MW, which is enough to power 20,000 homes. Falck Renewables, the company behind the project, said that these additional turbines will be used to support community projects, as well as bringing economic benefits to the region.

Mr Wheelhouse commented: “The growth of onshore wind in recent years has been a key factor in the expansion of renewable energy in Scotland.”

He added that this sector creates jobs, provides “significant” local benefits, and is important in helping Scotland move towards becoming a low-carbon economy.

Meanwhile, the Kype Muir Wind Farm, which is operated by Banks Renewables, has been given the go-ahead to expand the number of turbines it runs.

An additional 15 turbines have been approved for the site in South Lanarkshire, which will bring the total number of turbines up to 41.

Once complete, this extension will result in the wind farm generates 139MW of electricity, which is sufficient to power up to 80,000 homes.

Construction has already begun on the main Kype Muir Wind Farm, but this extension will significantly increase its capacity.

Development director at Banks Renewables, Colin Anderson, commented: “Both the government and the council clearly appreciated the positive impact the Kype Muir Wind Farm can have on the surrounding area and the people who live there.”

Anyone who works on a wind farm will need to have the appropriate training, including undertaking a GWO working at heights course to make sure they stay safe.